Protecting Actors: Film Charter

The Protecting Actors Film Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a film production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Film Charter
  • Blight by Gap year films
    Signed on 17/08/18.
  • Leo Fitzmaurice Trailer by Straight Point Films
    Signed on 16/08/18.
  • ZERO by University of Glasgow
    Signed on 15/08/18.
  • Appreciation by Earleatha Oppon
    Signed on 14/08/18.
  • Sleep Paralysis: A Waking Nightmare by Miss
    Signed on 12/08/18.
  • Body by Rosemary Maltezos
    Signed on 09/08/18.
  • Silent Sammy by Unrd LTD
    Signed on 06/08/18.
  • SMALL BLUE DISC by Halogen Entertainment
    Signed on 05/08/18.
  • Not That It Matters by O'Reilly & Co
    Signed on 03/08/18.
  • Introspectum Motel by Flying Mobula Films
    Signed on 03/08/18.