Protecting Actors: Film Charter

The Protecting Actors Film Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a film production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Film Charter
  • Gulls & Boys by Blue Boar
    Signed on 16/08/19.
  • Short Film - by Amelia Dimoldenberg by Jinjo Casting
    Signed on 14/08/19.
  • Blud bRUVVAS by Ultimate Football Fan
    Signed on 14/08/19.
  • Board Game Commercial by Premier
    Signed on 14/08/19.
  • No.88 by Ktbfilms
    Signed on 09/08/19.
  • Kingfisher Wallpaper by KINGFISHER
    Signed on 07/08/19.
  • The Gambler by The Gambler Film LTD
    Signed on 06/08/19.
  • I Sway by Daniel Dunt
    Signed on 02/08/19.
  • Acrylic by Miss
    Signed on 30/07/19.
  • Morning TV by Coventry IP Tv
    Signed on 28/07/19.