Protecting Actors: Film Charter

The Protecting Actors Film Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a film production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Film Charter
  • Murder Maps by 3DD Productions
    Signed on 25/07/19.
  • The Morning After by Met Film School
    Signed on 24/07/19.
  • Informational Video Series (working title) by Insignis Media & Strategy
    Signed on 23/07/19.
  • Cowboy by NFTS
    Signed on 23/07/19.
  • Suppression by Jason Parker Freelance Filmmaker
    Signed on 22/07/19.
  • The World is Your Opera by Self-employed/ Freelance
    Signed on 17/07/19.
  • Calling After Kate by BlueJack Productions Ltd
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Leaving Cooking Unattended by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • the proposal by Mr
    Signed on 15/07/19.
  • Panasonic - Meaningful Living by Feed Films
    Signed on 11/07/19.