Protecting Actors: Film Charter

The Protecting Actors Film Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a film production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Film Charter
  • Witching Hour by Purple Cube Productions
    Signed on 08/07/18.
  • UK Cosmetics Company - online promo by El Carousel Ltd
    Signed on 05/07/18.
  • A Dunder Plunder by Found Films
    Signed on 04/07/18.
  • Our Stories by Akoroma Studio
    Signed on 02/07/18.
  • Final Cut by LFS
    Signed on 02/07/18.
  • Parallella by Lily Beresford
    Signed on 02/07/18.
  • The Session by The Session
    Signed on 29/06/18.
  • Grass Is Greener by INSTIGATE
    Signed on 27/06/18.
  • Trouble by Slipway Films
    Signed on 26/06/18.
  • All Roads Lead to Home by Great Scott Films
    Signed on 25/06/18.