Protecting Actors: Final Footage Agreement

The Protecting Actors Final Footage Agreement is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a production receive a copy of final DVD.

It also helps to ensure the all cast and crew can use clips from the footage in their showreel to showcase their skills to potential future employers.


Latest productions signing the Final Footage Agreement
  • Vireal Cake Advert by Vireal Media Ltd
    Signed on 17/07/19.
  • Mr Jamison by SpeakDrama Productions
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Romeo and Giulietta by Flip Films
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Calling After Kate by BlueJack Productions Ltd
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Forgive Me Father by Space Rainbow Films
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Slow Light by John Bradburn
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • DETACHED by Red Triangle Media
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • And Yet... by AkosProductions
    Signed on 16/07/19.
  • Voce by Voce Casting
    Signed on 15/07/19.
  • Damn Good Pie by Elsy Pictures
    Signed on 14/07/19.