Protecting Actors: Final Footage Agreement

The Protecting Actors Final Footage Agreement is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a production receive a copy of final DVD.

It also helps to ensure the all cast and crew can use clips from the footage in their showreel to showcase their skills to potential future employers.


Latest productions signing the Final Footage Agreement
  • Wasp by AvrichaleyProduction
    Signed on 14/08/19.
  • Family by CL PRODUCTIONS
    Signed on 13/08/19.
  • Arkan by MONOMANIA
    Signed on 13/08/19.
  • EFFLURER by wetheconspirators
    Signed on 13/08/19.
  • Drama Teacher by Glasshouse Mini
    Signed on 13/08/19.
  • The Impossible Chair by Moonduck Productions
    Signed on 12/08/19.
  • ADDICT by Andrew Phizacklea Productions
    Signed on 12/08/19.
  • Shoe Brand online commercial by We Are Social
    Signed on 12/08/19.
  • In a Hole by Central Film School
    Signed on 11/08/19.
  • Charlies Girls by Mr
    Signed on 10/08/19.