Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

The Protecting Actors Fringe Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a theatre production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Charter
  • Dumka by The London Film School
    Signed on 19/01/18.
  • Macbeth by Much Ado About Theatre
    Signed on 18/01/18.
  • Jungle Book by Jellyfish Theatre Company
    Signed on 16/01/18.
  • Split Ends by New Fable Productions
    Signed on 16/01/18.
  • Mental Health Doc by Independent
    Signed on 15/01/18.
  • Chechnya Plays by Bradford Council LGBT History Month 2018
    Signed on 15/01/18.
  • Franz Kafka - Apparatus by Blue Devil Theatre
    Signed on 15/01/18.
  • Grease by University of Westminster Musical Theatre Society
    Signed on 12/01/18.
  • A Bunch of Amateurs by Nipperbout Ltd
    Signed on 11/01/18.
  • The Bald Soprano by Arthalia Theatre Company
    Signed on 10/01/18.