Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

The Protecting Actors Fringe Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a theatre production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Charter
  • Belt Up by Belt Up
    Signed on 13/12/18.
  • SUS by University of Bolton
    Signed on 13/12/18.
  • Twelfth Night by OVO
    Signed on 12/12/18.
  • Milo by Milo Short Film
    Signed on 11/12/18.
  • A Clown Show About Rain by Silent Faces Theatre
    Signed on 10/12/18.
  • Inside Voices by Lazy Native
    Signed on 08/12/18.
  • Snapshots from Afar by [Foreign Affairs]
    Signed on 04/12/18.
  • working title by KimBo Theatre
    Signed on 04/12/18.
  • Alice inWinterland by Alice in Winterland
    Signed on 03/12/18.
  • Dhampirica by Toro Rojo Productions
    Signed on 29/11/18.