Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

The Protecting Actors Fringe Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a theatre production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Charter
  • Inga by The Calder Bookshop & Theatre
    Signed on 16/08/18.
  • Reading Group - Albion a play by Mike Bartlett by reading group
    Signed on 16/08/18.
  • The Virtuous Burglar by Not Quite... - A Production Company
    Signed on 14/08/18.
  • Goodnight Sweetheart The Musical by Brookside Theatre
    Signed on 13/08/18.
  • Mary's story by khulula production
    Signed on 09/08/18.
  • LGBTQ+ Theatre Workshop by Full Disclosure Theatre
    Signed on 07/08/18.
  • The Proprietor by As Above, So Below Productions
    Signed on 06/08/18.
  • The Toytown Christmas by Theatrebugs
    Signed on 06/08/18.
  • Sundown Town by Sundown Town
    Signed on 05/08/18.
  • Shakespeare’s Speakeasy by Shakespeare’s Speakeasy
    Signed on 01/08/18.