Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

The Protecting Actors Fringe Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a theatre production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Charter
  • The Cycle by Great Expectations Theatre
    Signed on 31/07/18.
  • Inside Edge 2 by DMP films Ltd
    Signed on 31/07/18.
  • Pomegranate Season by Pomegranate Season
    Signed on 31/07/18.
  • Hitman Inc. by The Filim Company
    Signed on 30/07/18.
  • Healed: Judah's journey by Miela Media
    Signed on 30/07/18.
  • Slaughterhouse by Restless Ecstasy
    Signed on 30/07/18.
  • University Research by I-Conseil
    Signed on 29/07/18.
  • Cold Chips by Tiny Theatre Company
    Signed on 27/07/18.
  • Chronicles of The Boudoir by Emergo Inc
    Signed on 26/07/18.
  • Dick Whittington by Mr
    Signed on 25/07/18.