Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

The Protecting Actors Fringe Charter is designed to ensure all cast and crew involved in a theatre production operate under safe and fair working conditions.


Latest productions signing the Charter
  • Space Age Love Songs by Vulcanello Productions
    Signed on 14/05/19.
  • Me and My Doll by Old Joint Stock Theatre
    Signed on 13/05/19.
  • Angel by from (a)basement theatre collective
    Signed on 13/05/19.
  • Stalled by Independent (no company)
    Signed on 11/05/19.
  • Network Tales by Restless Theatre CIC
    Signed on 09/05/19.
  • Leap of Faith by Swifty Pictures
    Signed on 07/05/19.
  • The Last Day of Coarse by Jaroslaw Zaba
    Signed on 04/05/19.
  • Where de Mangoes Grow by Shante
    Signed on 03/05/19.
  • Have I Told You I'm Writing a Play About My Vagina? by Chucked Up Theatre
    Signed on 03/05/19.
  • Radiant Vermin by Philip Ridley by Aurora Theatre Group
    Signed on 02/05/19.