Protecting Actors: Fringe Charter

Companies willing to accept the terms and conditions documented below may display the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter Shield on job listings, audition breakdowns or recruitment postings, online or in print.


The Company will ensure that actors receive all information, including relevant sides and the proposed format of the audition at least 2 days prior to the agreed date.

Auditions will be held in a suitable setting (e.g. a hired studio, theatre or rehearsal space) and not in a private residence.

The Company will endeavour to see actors at the time agreed and where auditions are running over an hour late, actors will be notified.

The Company will ensure that actors have a comfortable place to wait for the audition.

The Company will be clear about when actors can expect to hear about a recall.


The Company shall keep an Open Financial Book for the Production that any member of the company can inspect at no less than 7 days notice. At the first company meeting, the books will be explained by the Company and it will be made clear how any profits will be allocated.

Within 30 days after the last performance of the Production, The Company shall close the accounts of the Production and make a copy of said accounts available to every Company Member and distribute profits as agreed.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses will be agreed prior to the start of the rehearsal period and all monies will be paid on a weekly basis.

Hours of work

It is understood that working arrangements will be flexible and subject to negotiation between the parties.

The hours and conditions of work shall be agreed between The Company and the Company Members before the first rehearsal begins.

The Working Time Regulations mean that no more than 48 hours a week, on average, may be worked. This average should be calculated over the length of the run of the Production, from the date of first rehearsal to the date of final performance.

The maximum working day shall be no more than 10 hours (including meal breaks) and those hours shall fall between 8.00am and 12.00 midnight apart from in exceptional circumstances.

There shall be a one-hour meal break between morning and afternoon working periods and between afternoon and evening working periods.

There shall be a break of 15 minutes within any continuous working period of 3 hours and where possible, actors will have a clear hour prior to curtain up.

Equal opportunities

The Company must have an Equal Opportunities Policy and must adhere to it in practice and monitor it regularly.

Touring conditions and travel

If the Company Member is required to stay overnight away from the Company Base, The Company shall provide reasonable accommodation. Reasonable accommodation must have hot and cold running water, bathing and heating facilities, be clean and hygienic, and provide one bed per Company Member.

Any Company Member, with the agreement of The Company, may arrange their own accommodation for the whole (or part) of the tour provided that he/she notifies The Company in writing within 1 week of being informed of the touring schedule.

Costume and property

The Company shall provide all costume, hairpieces, wigs, specialist make-up etc. and shall ensure that they are kept clean and in good repair.

Should the Company Member agree with The Company to use his/her own property for the Production, The Company shall undertake to make good any loss or damage from the Production Budget before remuneration to Investors.

Health and safety

The Company shall effect and maintain Employer's Liability Insurance for all Company Members during working time.

Insurers specialising in covering theatre companies.

The Company shall provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions of work in accordance with Health and Safety legislation for the time in force.

Fight runs will be held where appropriate before every run.

The Company must have a written Health and Safety Policy which shall be communicated to all Company Members and shall include:

Procedure for risk assessments of all productions.

Provision for training to be given to Company Members where appropriate.

The Company shall be responsible for providing all necessary protective clothing and equipment.

The Company shall ensure that a copy of the fire regulations and drill is prominently displayed and drawn to the Company Members' attention.

Disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures

The Company will state their disciplinary and grievance procedures to Company Members in the first company meeting and should follow this should any issues arise.


Any Company Member who is forced to be absent through sickness shall notify The Company as soon as practicable and advise wherever possible on the likely duration.

Final Footage

When producing a film, commerical, tv show or any production in which video footage will be taken, The Company agree to provide all Cast & Crew with a free DVD copy of The Final Footage for use in their showreel, within 6 months of the end of the project.

General provisions

Legible scripts and music for all productions other than devised plays shall be provided to all Company Members as soon as is practical and shall remain the property of the Company.

Copies of promotional material will be made available to Company members.

Actors will be allowed 2 industry comps per run and further comps where possible.

The Company Member shall provide a personal biography. This shall not be altered by the Company without prior consultation with the Company Member.

Photographs taken of the Company Member during specified photo calls shall only be for the relevant single production and for general publicity for the Company. These will be made available to Company Members for their own self promotion. If photos are used for Company publicity after the completion of the production, it should be clearly stated that they are from a previous production.

The programme shall at all times show current Creative Team, Cast, and Stage Management.

Devised plays

A Devised Play is a play for which no working script exists at the beginning of rehearsals. The Company will ensure that actors involved in the process, will be credited as co-devisors.


By signing this Agreement, The Company is committing to adopt all the terms outlined above.

Should the company fail to meet these obligations, the company will allow Protecting Actors to publish its name and details on their list of blacklisted companies for a period of 12 months or until all the above terms have been met.