Casting Services

Protecting Actors already works with many of the leading UK casting sites, but we're always keen to expand our reach and support. So if you publish casting breakdowns, work with employers to cast actors or simply provide services to actors then we would love to hear from you.

There are no charges for joining Protecting Actors and we'll provide you with comprehensive information on blacklisted production companies, employers and casting directors.


Whilst we're a new initiative we're keen to get more people involved in this scheme and the more support we have from actors the more effective a force we can become in the industry. You can help protect actors rights in the following ways:

Organisations and industry bodies

We would be interested in hearing from any and all organisations working with actors, production companies and casting directors. We're keen to spread our casting agreement and associated blacklist as far as possible to ensure companies can't continue to exploit actors. We're happy to provide links, editorial and content for any organisation helping us reach more eyeballs, so please get in contact